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Xcoins allows you to buy Ether (Ethereum) easily and quickly. You can make your purchase using your credit or debit card. Our state of the art encrypted platform means your data is always safe, and your new cryptocurrency will be in your wallet within 15 minutes. If you have any questions about Ethereum or how to buy it, you can contact our customer support team.


house Where can I spend Ethereum?

Ethereum (Ether) is arguably the second most powerful cryptocurrency, and this means it’s widely accepted globally. Some major online homeware shops accept ETH as a payment option as well as many e-commerce stores and global travel agencies.


ethereum_icon What is Ethereum?

Ethereum's currency, known as Ether (ETH). It’s similar to Bitcoin but cheaper and runs more efficiently. You can send Ether almost anywhere in the world instantly. The supply of Ether is decentralized, so no company or government controls it.


bagIs Ethereum for me?

Ethereum has a stable platform, and transactions are really quick. If you’re only willing to make a limited investment, Ether is considerably cheaper than Bitcoin, and many major industry players are predicting value increases for Ether in the coming years.

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