In invention, there is always room for improvement, and when it comes to modern cryptocurrency trends, that's exactly what many believe DASH represents.

Designed by Evan Duffield and formally launched in January 2014, Dash has become one of the top forms of cryptocurrency in circulation today.

Since it’s fruition, Dash has reached momentary highs well over $1,500 USD/ DASH, and today it continues to be a contender to those looking to invest in up-and-coming cryptocurrencies.


Dash is an altcoin, or a type of digital coin or token that is based on the Bitcoin framework. Originally known as “DarkCoin" Dash – the amalgamation of "digital" and "cash" – was designed to address some of the shortcomings that some cryptocurrency experts associate with Bitcoin, namely transaction speed and privacy.

Unlike the dollar or euro, which are produced, distributed, and managed by a central governing body, Dash is managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is made up of code-based rules and controlled by a group of shareholders, or Masternodes. Dash production and transactions are recorded on a blockchain, creating a transparent, decentralized ledger.

Characteristics of Dash

When thinking in terms of fiat currency (e.g., US dollars or EU euros), transactions speeds are seemingly instantaneous; however, cryptocurrency transactions can take much longer. The Bitcoin community has come to the consensus that, on average, a transaction confirmation takes about one hour. Small transactions may take less time, while larger ones may take longer.

By design, Dash brings users users transaction speeds that are approximately four times faster than those associated with Bitcoin. It also typically boasts lower transaction fees than Bitcoin.

General speaking, cryptocurrencies offer increased transaction privacy, as personally identifiable information (PII) is removed from the equation. However, Dash was created to increase privacy by making it harder to trace transactions. This is made possible by PrivateSend (previously known as DarkSend), which employees a technique called “mixing” to mask the source of a transaction.

Another defining characteristic of Dash is financial investment within the top layer. In order to join the Masternode network, commonly considered the decentralized, ruling body of Dash, individuals must invest $1,000. Some crypto-experts believes the investment requirement works to add integrity to the system as Masternodes with a stake in the system will work harder to maintain the success and therefore transparency and integrity of the currency.

Storing & Using Dash

While currency is typically something we consider to be tangible, cryptocurrencies like Dash are simply snippets of code that can be accessed with a private key (maintain by the currency-holder) and a unique address connected to a specific portion of the blockchain. In cryptocurrency, this information is held in a "wallet."

Dash wallets vary and include software installed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device; hardware, such as a USB; or via a “cold wallet,” which is any offline, physical documentation system. By purchasing Dash through xCoin, you’ll gain access to our secure and easy-to-use wallet, allowing you to spend, transfer, or otherwise manage your Dash as you see fit.

Dash can be used to purchase other forms of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins, or it can be used to make online or in-store purchases with other Dash holders or participating retailers. Today, a variety of tech companies, including those that offer VPN and hosting services; numerous travel companies, like CheapAir; and multiple specialty stores (e.g. coffee shops, book retailers, gourmet foods, etc.) accept Dash.

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