How Many Countries Does Xcoins Service?


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Which countries make it legal to trade Bitcoins with

Almost all of them! does business with enthusiast clients in 167 countries!

Who wouldn’t want to know where they can log into the exciting world of After all, it’s pretty much the most fun you can have online!

The best way to talk about where to use your Xcoins account is actually to talk about where you can’t use it. In almost every country on Earth, it’s perfectly legal to buy and sell your Bitcoins, but a whole lot of trouble could hide in that “almost.” So let’s dive in and talk about where you can (and can’t) build your digital empire. 


What Does It Mean To Not Serve A Country?

When we talk about serving a country, we mean the places where you can legally use your Xcoins account to conduct business. If you’ve taken a trip to Toronto, can you hop on to make a quick purchase? While hiking in Nepal, should you schedule some sales?

The odds are in all cases, you technically could do this. We’re not aware of any jurisdictions that have actually blocked access to websites like The question is whether you’ll break any laws in the process. 


Why Shouldn’t You Trade?

Simply put, a few countries have made it illegal to buy or sell Bitcoins within their borders. As we wrote not long ago in our comprehensive coverage, the legality of cryptocurrency varies widely around the world. Most countries that have passed crypto laws regulate how you can trade and spend cryptocurrency. A few, however, have banned the currency of the future altogether. 

Now, some readers will point out the jurisdictional questions that this raises. After all, wherever you are, the transaction technically happens on our exchange servers located in Malta. This technicality matters, but not to you. Right now the lawyers, and more importantly the police, tie bitcoin transactions to the individual. If you’re in Hanoi, that’s where they’ll look for you.

And no one wants to plead technicalities in front of a Vietnamese judge.

The truth is that in some countries, it’s illegal to buy and sell Bitcoins and that’s just the way it is. For enthusiasts who live in those jurisdictions, this is a problem that we, unfortunately, can’t help solve. For everyone else our advice is firm. Do not trade while you’re in those countries. 


It doesn’t matter what you think the odds are of actually getting caught. If we get a request from the Beijing authorities, we will honor it, no matter what we personally may think about their laws on crypto trading. 

The last thing anyone on the Xcoins team wants to do is hand over your personal information to the authorities, no less disgorge the contents of your wallet. By trading inside the law, you’ll help us keep you bulletproof.


Where Couldn’t You?

So where does this matter? Very few places. serves over 167 countries around the world, and there are only a few glaring exceptions. 

You cannot trade in Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, and Bangladesh. They won’t let you, so don’t try.

Some more prominent economies that ban Bitcoin trading are Vietnam, Nepal, and the United Arab Emirates.

Finally, the biggest fish is China. If you’ve gone hiking the Great Wall or see the (glorious) Painted Mountains, your account is just going to have to miss you for a little while. 

Have fun, drop us a line, and we can’t wait to check out your Instagram. We are always here for our customers - 24/7/365 - just pick up a phone and call us at 888-71-COINS

Are you someplace that shows Bitcoin some love? Then your crypto future is waiting for you and so are we! Sign up for free and buy Bitcoin now!


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