What Are a Few Ways To Sell Bitcoin Instantly?


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How To Cash Out Bitcoin?

When you decide to sell your Bitcoins, it’s time to sell. Not next week, not tomorrow, not even after lunch. You’ve settled on the price that’s right and it’s time to make some money.


So, how can you move those coins before the market changes?

There are a few ways to sell Bitcoins instantly. The trouble is, just like buying a Bitcoin without the wait, most of them have some pretty big downsides. We’ll touch quickly on two of the most popular ways to try and sell a bitcoin instantly, then talk about a much, much better one.


In Person

Selling a bitcoin, well… it’s anything but fast.

Bitcoins may be a digital currency, but thanks to cold storage, you can still trade them offline. As we discuss in our article about buying Bitcoins instantly, cold storage is when traders keep the private key for their bitcoin in a wallet not connected to the internet. This could mean storing the key on a thumb drive, a dedicated device for crypto-storage or even something as old-fashioned as a paper printout. (In fact, some artisans have begun to make quite a business out of selling fashionable wallets for Bitcoin traders.)

In a face-to-face sale, you’ll meet someone to sell these refrigerated bitcoins directly. There are, however, many ways that this could go wrong.

First and foremost, you expose yourself to risk. You wouldn’t leave the house carrying tens of thousands of dollars in cash, but walking around with even two bitcoins in your pocket is the precise equivalent. Then there’s the possibility of fraud; unless you do want thousands of dollars in cash or have Square, you may well be taking a personal check. What happens if that bounces?

Then there’s the simple inconvenience of it all. Setting up a time, waiting for the appointment and then making your way to a Starbucks downtown… well, it’s absolutely anything but instant. The actual exchange may happen in a matter of moments (minus the small talk), but getting there can take forever.

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Picture yourself wandering a Wild West saloon (or, for more modern context, West World). You’re ready to do some trading, so you swap half a tin of tobacco and your best knife for the local haberdasher’s surly mule. 

Welcome to peer-to-peer trading.

On peer-to-peer exchanges, you buy and sell coins directly from other traders. This has the advantage of allowing you to bargain for your own prices, and can sometimes give you access to altcoins that a formal exchange may not yet have.

Yet while more free-form, a peer-to-peer exchange doesn’t actually offer much in the way of speed. The trouble here is that, while you might be able to make an instant deal with another trader, there’s no guarantee of that. If they dither over their trade, or step away from their computer or decide to keep you waiting for any other reason, that “instant” sale might linger and linger.

Not to mention, on a peer-to-peer exchange you are at the mercy of your own bargain. Perhaps you can get the best price out there, but nothing says you will.


Instead, Try Crypto Cashout

The truth is, Bitcoins (like most cryptocurrency) are a valuable investment. You can’t take risks with them, and we don’t want you to. A quick sale can matter a lot in this industry, where prices can change by the hour, but quick sales aren’t always safe sales. Even large, established exchanges can take time, with many making you wait for legacy systems and in-person cold storage handling that can make your trades languish for days.

That is why, here at Xcoins, we are happy to announce a new program coming soon called Crypto Cashout. 

The premise is simple: if you want to sell your tokens right away, you’ll need a buyer who is always available, always reliable, and always fair. So, we will be that buyer. 

With Crypto Cashout, we will buy back your Bitcoins. That means you can sell your coins at the quoted price at any time. When you make the sale, our automated system will pay you with the funds pushed right back to the credit or debit card you used to buy them. We can handle anywhere from $25 to $2,500 at a time, with a monthly limit of $50,000 per customer. To make it even better, we plan on introducing Crypto Cashout for Ethereum and altcoins shortly as well!

We want your trading to be safe, profitable, and even a little bit fun. With Crypto Cashout, you’ll know that your buyer is solvent and reliable (and even rather good looking, if we do say so ourselves). It’s the best of all worlds. Do you want access to the fastest, most secure way to buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies? Sign up for free today!

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