Where Can You Spend Bitcoin?


 Spend bitcoin

Curious as to what you can buy with Bitcoin? While Bitcoin is not yet a ubiquitous payment option, there may be more options currently available to you than you think. From travel to fast food, an increasing number of products and services can now be obtained using Bitcoin.

Today cryptocurrency users often intend to keep their cryptocurrency firmly in their wallet, waiting for the next halving event to arise with the hope of selling their coins for a substantially higher amount in the future. 

However, one might argue that treating Bitcoin solely as an investment defeats its true purpose: to function as a universal, anonymous, and borderless digital currency. You might be surprised as to how many avenues have already opened up for you to use your Bitcoin on a more regular basis in your day-to-day transactions and the benefits of doing so.


Given that the first ever Bitcoin transaction was for a pizza, it should come as no surprise that the food industry offers plenty of ways for making Bitcoin purchases. If you reside in one of the many countries where Takeaway.com is active, you can pay directly with Bitcoin via their payment provider BitPay. Another option is eGifter, which enables you to buy vouchers for restaurants like Papa Johns.

Food delivery

Your next takeaway meal could be paid for with Bitcoin


Perhaps more surprisingly, Amazon purchases can be made for less using Bitcoin. Although the trillion-dollar online retailer does not provide the option to directly pay in Bitcoin, the website Purse connects you with people who would like to gain cryptocurrency in exchange for Amazon gift vouchers and are happy to offer a healthy discount in return for a Bitcoin payment.

Shopping phone screen

Purse can secure you substantial discounts on Amazon items


For bodding travellers looking to spend their Bitcoin, Virgin Galactic will accept BTC payments for future space flights. For those looking for more affordable and local planetary options, Bitcoin Travel and Cheap Air offer flights on Earth.

Virgin plane

For those of you with $1000 worth of Bitcoin and above, you can purchase a seat on Virgin Galactic’s aircraft


If software is what you’re after, plenty of tech giants are already accepting cryptocurrency. Amongst them, Microsoft has embraced Bitcoin payments, allowing users to pay for games, apps, and movies with it. More daily-use, household items can be accessed via Overstock

Good Causes

Non-profit organizations like Code to Inspire in Afghanistan, Save the Children and The Red Cross can be donated to via Bitcoin, for those looking to invest their crypto into charitable causes. 

In the case of some charities, this isn’t a choice but a necessity. The Feminist Coalition in Nigeria have been recently forced to accept Bitcoin donations after government intervention resulted in their Bank accounts being seized and their donation platform closed, providing a sad example of why cryptocurrency can be not just a tool for investors and consumers but a powerful force for good.

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